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Slogan of water managers: "Save water - Take a shower together"


Master degree MSc: Integrated Water Resources Management, German-Kazakh University, Almaty.

Bachelor degree BSc: Civil Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Tajik Technical University  


International German Summer School on Hydrology in Ruhr University of Bochum (RUB), IHP-HWRP, DAAD, UNESCO. Groundwater, groundwater contamination, chemical modelling of groundwater and its contamination.

E-Learning Network Integrated Watershed Management in Kimunye (Kenya)Freie Universitat Berlin (FUB), IWM Expert GmbH, DAAD, Nairobi (Kenya). Integrated Water Management on East Africa​.

Central Asian Leadership Program on Environment for Sustainable Development (CALPESD). Central Asian Regional Environmental Centre (CAREC), Regional Office of UN in Almaty, World Bank, Almaty (Kazakhstan). Climate change, global warming and water management

Methods and Tools for the Assessment and Monitoring of Central Asian Water and Land Resources. From field measurements to spatial analysis. CAWa, DKU, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Basin – IT, Almaty, Kazakhstan. German – Kazakh University (DKU), Regional Office of UN in Almaty, World Bank, Almaty (Kazakhstan). Water management using Basin-IT software​


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